Benefit of our training Program - Core Careers
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Our Training Program - Benefit & Overview

  • Human resources is rightly judged to be the lifeblood of many businesses, and is seen by many as being fundamental to any company’s success.
  • This course will teach you to see people as assets of a company, it will show you how to improve their performance, and to use them to achieve competitive advantage. You will learn skills that can be practically implemented back in the workplace, and will discover not only how to win over employees, but also how to get everyone in a company to pull together in the same direction.
  • These programmes will enhance your knowledge of the HR industry, which in turn will enable you to embrace new career opportunities. A qualification in this subject will show potential employers that you can add value to their organisation, and demonstrate to them your commitment to this specialised business-critical field. On passing the course you will gain a respected accreditation that will open doors for you, and set you well on your way to becoming a professional HR practitioner.
  • Programmes of study will cover a wide range of topics, and are focused on bringing students up to date with the latest thinking and research on key HR sectors. As an introduction to human resources it will provide you with a detailed understanding of all aspects of the field. This will be done through coursework assignments, case studies, practical examples and workshop sessions.
  • At every stage of their studies students will receive the full support of expert trainers, as well as regular feedback from them. Apart from teaching you they will also be available to give you helpful career advice.
  • Through a high standard of training you will be fully prepared to respond to and anticipate the strategic and operational challenges a HR department faces. Students will be equipped with the skills and techniques needed to ensure staff perform to the peak of their abilities. Ultimately you will be able to deliver a level of HR performance that enhances your organisation.