Who are the bookaroomnow?

The bookaroomnow are an elite group that are highly recognized in your city and around the world.

How do you become a bookaroomnow?

The bookaroomnow have the highest collection of points.

How do I collect points?

Create a new account. Successfully invite friends to download the bookaroomnow app. Get points from your friends. Buy points.

Is there other ways to collect points?

Yes, other ways to collect points will be added soon.

How do I invite my friends to the app?

Send your unique download link to your friends. Your friends must download the bookaroomnow app by clicking on your download link. The download link will direct your friends to bookaroomnow on the app store. You can find your download link in the contest page; “Invite Friends” button.

How do I transfer points?

Chat with the person and click the transfer button. Select the number of points that you want to transfer.


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